Ray Kuik Presents Hilda from NSFC a Cheque for $7500Ray Kuik Presents Hilda from NSFC a Cheque for $7500

2022 - “In Full Swing” - 4th Annual Winnipeg Tournament marks a shift in momentum.

July 27, 2022

2022 - “In Full Swing” - 4th Annual Winnipeg Tournament marks a shift in momentum.

July 27, 2022

Ray Kuik Presents Hilda from NSFC a Cheque for $7500

An even, steady motion draws the head of a heavy club up, up, up to the top of the backswing, pausing for just an instant at its apex, until…at last and in a flash, the stored energy is unleashed, and gravity gracefully assists acceleration - down, down, down - heading for a square contact with the ball below. The perfect swing: a momentous metaphor of the journey leading into our 4th annual Winnipeg tournament - and what comes next.

Over the past two years it has felt at times like working against gravity, fighting the pull of a pandemic to push through with our cause-worthy tournaments. At last, in 2022 it is as though we’ve reached the top of our swing again, anticipating the shift in momentum that will propel us forward, towards our desired impact.

This year our Winnipeg tournament indeed entered a “new league,” thanks in great deal to our friends at Elmhurst Golf & Country Club - one of Manitoba’s premiere golf clubs that has become our tourney’s new “home.” Golfers were serenaded by the musical stylings of Justin Lacroix as they arrived to enjoy a delicious lunch and exchange warm greetings before taking to their carts. Bouts of rain - showers even - could not dampen the spirits of our lively competitors, all of whom did not miss a beat, taking advantage of the exciting activities, games, contests and giveaways scattered throughout the course.

After a year’s hiatus, we welcomed the return of a full sit-down, post-game dinner service, amplified by the sweet sounds of another special musical guest, Curtis Newton - who added a whole other tone to the evening by stepping in at a moment’s notice to make our live auction a thrilling success, as bids flew for fly-in fishing and luxury lakeside adventures!

Thanks to the selfless service of our invested volunteers and generosity of our community building sponsors and participants, we were able to equip and encourage our causes in their good work, providing a cheque of $7,500 to MMIWG and $10,000 to Siloam Mission - along with 200 pairs of our premium quality Street Socks!

We simply cannot WAIT for our 2023 tournament in Winnipeg! We’ve felt the momentum shift, we’re on the downswing, and we’re ready to make some fabulous new connections. Perhaps we’ll even see that hole-in-one! You won’t want to miss it!