Pay It Backward 2023 Golf TournamentPay It Backward 2023 Golf Tournament

2023 Golf Tourney Celebrates Largest Field of Players and Supporters to Date!

December 16, 2023

2023 Golf Tourney Celebrates Largest Field of Players and Supporters to Date!

December 16, 2023

Pay It Backward 2023 Golf Tournament

120 golfers and counting!! 2023 saw our “5th Annual” golf tournament in support of the homeless in our city and province (Siloam Mission) and our First Nations cause (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls) grow by over “40” golfers this past summer, to a field of 120 enthused participants! Just “24” golfers shy of a full course sellout. 2024 here we come?!

With a number of new and notable Winnipeg corporate community sponsors added to our team as well this past summer, our volunteer troupe is heading into our 6th annual 2024 summer tourney more energized and buoyant than ever!

Golf Tourney 2023 was simply awesome. The weather was “hot”. The excitement in the air before Elmhurst’s golf pro, “Matty” Lorenz blasted the horn to kick us all off for a day of fun, frivolity and camaraderie was palpable. The food and drink stations throughout the course were full and at the ready! And the volunteers… well, they were chomping at the bit and buzzing to ensure the players, teams and supporters truly experienced the type of fun-filled and memorable day, our PiBF tourney is becoming known for! Mission accomplished.

With two Covid tourney years now well behind us, our 2023 tourney witnessed another exciting jump in both player and corporate community support. With $12,500 raised in support of Siloam Mission and the loving and caring work they do for our homeless Winnipeg community, and $7,500 raised in support of the National Family and Survivors Circle, our 5th Annual golf tournament truly gave back!

But giving back, the PiBF way, is more than just parting with hard-earned dollars. It’s also about spreading the love. The kind of love that can genuinely create a positive shift in communities getting along and living peaceably together, and ultimately thriving in spite of differences! A love that expresses itself simply, and in day-to-day ways. In the form of a kind and compassionate heart, a warm and welcoming word, a considerate and open mind, and a willingness to be an advocate for good. If you happened to be among those participating, playing or volunteering throughout our tourney day, we’re sure you could sense this spirit and energy in the air! Right up until the last late-night desert and post-dinner nightcap.

Our PiBF volunteer team can’t wait to see what our 2024 tourney can achieve! With our 2024 mid-summer event once again at beautiful Elmhurst Golf & Country Club, one of Manitoba’s most prestigious golf courses, we’re certain this additional marquee advantage will continue to propel us toward our ultimate goal of selling out all “144” tournament player spots! And attracting new and exciting corporate partners along the way as well!

We hope you can join us all on the big day – July 24, 2024, to make this a reality!