Ways to give back

Through its diverse community outreach and partnership initiatives, The Pay It Backward Foundation looks to inspire others to give like there’s no tomorrow! We are committed to bringing aid to the communities of the poor, the abused and oppressed, and the vulnerable and neglected. When we recognize needs that align with our mission, we are eager to embrace and support them in unique and tangible ways. We are particularly passionate about initiatives and programs that have a clear focus on positive outcomes and relish the challenge of working together with like-minded giving spirits to bring hope to our communities.

Inspire Your Local Community

The Tony March Story

There’s nothing that quite captures our imagination like a good story. But when that story is at the same time, real, raw and remarkably rare, our imaginations are piqued to an engaging and expectant level.

Such is black entrepreneur and philanthropist, Tony March’s personally told story of poverty, abuse, racism and depression, to a life filled with riches and wealth and a pledge to himself to give it all back. If you’d like to share Tony’s incredible story of despair turned to hope, and a life dedicated to serving others, click the Order Now button to learn more.

Not only will you and your organization be inspired to give back and help others in your community through a group order purchase of Tony’s triumphant story, you will also be supporting the Pay It Backward Foundation in its mission globally.*

*All proceeds from sales of Paying It Backward – The Tony March Story go directly to causes and initiatives funded by The Pay It Backward Foundation.

Give Hope to Those in Need

Volunteer Individually or as a Group

There’s nothing that touches the heart more deeply, or heals the hurt more considerably, than the interaction and love from another human soul. Too often, our busy and self-absorbed lives get in the way of simply stopping to take a breath and considering the plight of others. Volunteering with both our time, as well as with our talents, is that most basic of humanitarian ways in which each and every one of us can contribute to our communities.

For additional insights and inspiration into ways you could gift your time and your talents for the benefit of those in your community, reach out for an easy chat with Kristin at today!

Motivate with Words of Wisdom

Team Up with Engaging Speakers

Invite a community leader or senior cause advocate to talk with your group about their work, their mission, and their experiences addressing unique and diverse local needs and challenges. There is nothing quite like the experiences of the well-traveled and practiced to inspire us to new heights that we might have not thought possible.

If you would like assistance in seeking out or recruiting positive and life-enriching speakers from within your community, reach out to us at One of our team members will be excited to connect with you!

Give Like There’s No
Tomorrow Initiatives

Corporate and Community Initiatives

Inspiring others to join us in giving like there’s no tomorrow, is both our joy and our passion. Those whose lives we are looking to bring love and light to, are worth it. Check out our latest community giving back initiatives and make an impact in your community! Through your support of the Pay It Backward Foundation, you will also be supporting wonderful cause initiatives the world over.

    • Walk a Mile in Our Shoes

      National Fresh
      Socks Campaign

      The Pay It Backward Foundation and its friends and corporate partners are joining forces to bring comfort, warmth and inspiration to the cold and desolate streets within our North American communities. When a love and concern for others, merges with a passion for making a difference, ideas can spring to life to move entire communities and the hearts and souls within them.

      The Pay It Backward Foundation believes that most in our communities genuinely do care about the wellbeing of others, but too often simply get caught up in the whirlwind of busy lives. That’s why we are leading a charge for everyday communities across North America that can be supported by everyday people, who really do wish to make a difference!

      “Most of the
      homeless in large
      urban centers
      know where they
      can go to get food,
      but securing even
      one good pair of
      socks is a much
      more significant
      Tony March

      A comfortable pair of socks might not seem like a luxury, however it could change a homeless person’s life. “You’re supposed to change socks every day,” a member of Portland’s homeless community told a reporter for The Oregonian. “That is hard, hard, hard.”

      Socks are among the most needed items at homeless shelters, yet among the least often donated. Unlike most items in our wardrobes, we tend to wear our socks until they’re beyond repair, at which point they’re of no use to anyone. Because of this shortage, the nation’s homeless population is constantly at risk of serious foot disease and, during winter months, in severe danger posed by cold.

      No one understands this better, than Pay It Backward Foundation Founder, Tony March, who shared, “I’ve even had a homeless person tell me one time, that ‘socks are more important than food.’ Most of the homeless in larger urban centers know where they can go to get food, however securing even one good pair of socks is a much more significant challenge.”

      Tony has walked many of the real and raw inner city streets of America, and as a result of his first hand experiences and personal pilgrimages, he challenged the Pay It Backward Foundation team to come up with a uniquely funded program that would provide thousands of pairs of socks for the many across our nation in need.

      Visit us again in early 2019 to see when we will be hitting the streets with this exciting new Pay It Backward initiative!