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1st Annual British Columbia Golf Tournament Supported with Big Canadian Hearts..

Even during these unpredictable times with COVID-19, we decided to take a leap of faith and continue...

August 29th, 2020

2nd Annual Winnipeg, Canada PIBF Golf Tournament Exceeds Expectations.

In some cities, towns or far off corner hamlets, folks aren’t necessarily keen on stepping out of their personal or private comfort zones for the…

August 11th, 2020

Birthdays Go Unnoticed in Shelters. Our Hero is Changing That.

“Children’s birthdays are a great opportunity to make kids feel special,” says Schinnell Leake, an events planner who created birthday parties for years.

March 14th, 2019

Building Kids’ Character through Education.

We know schools have to be a place to thrive in all ways, not just academically,” says child advocate, litigation attorney, author and speaker Liz Huntley.

- April 12th, 2019

Tony Launches the PIBF Leader In Me Initiative.

A few of Tony’s greatest passions came together today: education, working together, and paying it backward!

April 12th, 2019

Another Day, Another Check from the Pay It Backward Foundation

By now, readers know Tony has a special place in his heart for Metropolitan Ministries.

- April 9th, 2019

Tony March Goes All In for the Homeless!

On his annual charity stop in Australia to visit with friends at Salvation Army headquarters, Tony took time to...

- January 30th, 2019

Tony Opens Aussie Millions

A great thrill for Tony today, as he delivered the “shuffle up and deal” proclamation to open the second starting...

- January 28th, 2019

Teach a Man to Fish…

Today Tony visited Abe Brown Ministries to learn more about the people it serves and to offer them encouragement.

- October 6th, 2018

Kids Encouraged to Be True to Themselves

More than 400 inner city kids attended a free conference called “Put Down Your Fake ID” on September 15th at Hillsborough Community College.

- September 15th, 2018

Lightning Strikes for Tony and His Favorite Charities

Tony was celebrated yesterday by the Tampa Bay Lightning NHL hockey team with one of its coveted Community Hero Award.

- April 1st, 2018

Making a Difference Down Under

Every January for the past few years, Tony has flown to Melbourne, Australia for three weeks to play in the Aussie Millions poker tournament.

- January 13th, 2018

Call Him the Undercover Philanthropist

Tony woke up on the first day of 2018 to find himself called one of Tampa’s most intriguing people by the Tampa Bay Times.

- January 1st, 2018

Giving Joy to Kids in Need

An event near and dear to Tony’s heart is the annual Joy of Giving Event, hosted by WWE superstar Titus O’Neil.

- December 23rd, 2017

Celeb Chefs Judge Fundraising Event

Celeb Chefs Come Out to Judge Fundraising Event for At-risk Students

- October 16th, 2018

Playing His Best Hand in Vegas

Not all readers may know Tony March is an avid, and excellent, poker player. He loves the strategy, the thrill of the win, and then handing it all over to charity.

- June 20th, 2017

Helping Others Gets Recognized Nationally

Those of us who work with Tony at the Pay It Backward Foundation know how incredibly generous and hardworking he is.

- May 31st, 2017